Welcome to EpiScience – a new module of the EpiNorth project!


Dear Reader,

Because of the language barrier, much research published in Russian language in Russia remains inaccessible to epidemiologists and public health scientists elsewhere. Therefore we would like to launch the EpiScience module, which aims to provide a systematic monitoring of the Russian scientific biomedical journals and inform the international audience about newly published papers in the field of infectious disease epidemiology in Russia.

In turn we would like to inform Russian-reading scientists of the scientific opinions of our partner European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Therefore, we will regularly offer Russian translation of relevant scientific reports published by ECDC. Some of these reports will be translated in full while for others we will translate a summary or some important chapters.

The module consists of 3 parts: EpiReports, EpiTheses and EpiArticles.

We hope you will find EpiScience useful! Please send your feedback to