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Dear Reader,

We would like to offer to you the result of many years of work. EpiNorth project, as you know, has been publishing the bilingual (English – Russian) journal under the same name since 2000. Since that time we have published many articles on many different topics within epidemiology, infectious diseases and public health and have accumulated many medical, statistical, laboratory and epidemiological terms in both Russian and English. We have decided to gather these terms in a bilingual glossary, which we call EpiWords. We hope that this glossary will help to diminish the terminology difficulties in professional communication among health care specialists from different countries in the EpiNorth region.

We continue to enhance and improve the EpiWords glossary which now contains about 1500 terms and word combinations in Russian and English and is freely available. EpiWords is a complementary source and its terms are not intended to replace medical information provided by other published or online available dictionary/glossary sources. Terms are arranged in alphabetical order. To navigate the attached glossary use bookmarks. If you need to find bookmarks, go to View → Navigation Panels → Bookmarks.We will do our best to find and publish new terms in a timely manner.

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We hope you will find EpiWords useful!  EpiWords Glossary (click here to open)

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