Aetiological structure of liver cirrhoses in children

  Published: 18.02.09 Updated: 18.02.2009 14:12:10
Chuyelov SB, Rossina AL, Smirnov AV, et al. Aetiological structure of liver cirrhoses in children. Detskie Infektsii (Childhood infections) 2008; 1: 14-18.

S.B. Chuyelov et al. studied the aetiological structure of liver cirrhoses among 1 month to 15 years old children. Data were obtained from the Roszdrav’s Russian children’s clinical hospital. The study was performed at the Institute of children’s infectious diseases of the Russian State Medical University.

Altogether, 208 children hospitalized in the abovementioned clinic in 1997-2007 were included in the study. Liver cirrhoses with infectious aetiology constituted 40 % of all cases. Among them, 70 % of were caused by Cytomegalovirus infection and 28% were caused by hepatitis viruses. Autoimmune hepatitis, mucoviscidose and Wilson’s disease were the major causes of liver cirrhoses of non-infectious aetiology.

The aetiology of cirrhosis in 7% of children was not established despite the use of all available modern diagnostic methods (clinical, laboratory, ultrasound, dopplerographic, morphological etc).

Liver cirrhosis associated with Cytomegalovirus infection is in 85% of cases was combined with biliary tract disorders. The authors suggest that hepatitis associated with cytomegalovirus infection resulted from congenital cytomegalovirus infection.