Acute hepatitis A in Tomsk in 2005-2006

  Published: 04.11.08 Updated: 18.11.2008 13:04:54

Chuikova KI, Katanakhova LL, Yakimov VL, et al. Acute hepatitis A in Tomsk in 2005-2006. Epidemiologia i Infektsionnye Bolezni (Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases) 2008; 1: 8-10.

K.I. Chuikova et al studied clinico-epidemiological features of acute type A hepatitis (HA) among children and adults in the town of Tomsk in 2005-2006. They studied 614 HA patients (378 men and 236 women) aged 1-75 years who were hospitalised in 3 inpatient clinics. An epidemiological anamnesis was collected and both clinical, laboratory and instrumental examinations were performed in all the patients. The authors conclude that there was a considerable increase in the incidence of HA in Tomsk in 2005-2006; the primary mode of transmission was through contacts with household members; most cases of disease were of moderate severity in all age groups; cholestatic variant of HA was more common in senior patients and also in patients with viral hepatitis co-infections. The authors also note that the predominance of adults among HA patients and an increase in co-infections are associated with more severe clinical course of HA and with an increase in the risk of lethal outcomes.