World Livestock Disease Atlas

  Published: 16.11.11 Updated: 16.11.2011 15:56:58

The World Bank and the TAFS (Trust in Animals and Food Safety) forum have jointly published the 'World Livestock Disease Atlas'.

It is a major quantitative analysis of global animal health data (2006-2009) that addresses questions such as:

  • Which livestock diseases cause the heaviest losses globally?
  • Which countries suffer the worst disease-related losses among their livestock populations?
  • Which livestock species are most affected by diseases?
  • What are the latest changes over time in all this?

The atlas is a joint publication of the World Bank and the TAFS forum, in collaboration with OIE [World Organization for Animal Health] and FAO [UN Food and Agriculture Organization]. It is available for download on the TAFS forum website.

The document is a global public good and hence available free of charge. However, please consider making a voluntary donation to the TAFS forum so that they can continue delivering products like this.