Completed EpiTrain VI

  Published: 21.12.10 Updated: 21.12.2010 15:36:09
EpiNorth Secretariat informs readers on successfully completed EpiTrain VI course.

Partiipants of the EpiTrain VI coursesEpiTrain VI course was held in Tallinn, Estonia, in the period 6-10 December 2010. Participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Iceland, Poland, Norway and Armenia took part in the courses. Main objectives of this course were maintenance and extension of network, exchange of information and experience the field of epidemiology for specialists from central and local levels of public health institutes and hospitals. The course was organized by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health with support from Health Board of Estonia. The EpiTrain VI is funded by the Barents Health Programme, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme and participating institutes.

Main topic of the EpiTrain VI was hospital acquired infections (HAI): historical overview, definitions, international perspective, surveillance systems, HAI outbreaks, scientific publication, statistics and some other. Participants organized in groups investigated an HAI outbreak and worked on an article. All groups received a feedback from the other participants and invited lecturers. All presentations will be published in PDF format on the website of the EpiNorth project in EpiTrain-module.