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  Published: 10.01.13 Updated: 10.01.2013 15:47:13

Dear Reader,

During the years 2000-2012 the EpiNorth Journal has been released in forty-seven issues and has published 189 papers on variety of topics concerning public health and control of infectious diseases. Authors from twenty-one countries across the world have published in EpiNorth Journal, with majority of them being from region of the EpiNorth project. The Journal had a goal to bring to our readers knowledge on the current challenges in the field, share experiences and raise awareness, like papers on influenza during pandemic influenza in 2009, special series of papers on HIV infection, tuberculosis, vaccine-preventable diseases and many, many others. The Journal had attempt to inform our readers about relatively new practices in some countries like needle exchange programmes and challenges attached to that; as well as to inform about new approaches in efforts to improve public health like epidemic intelligence.
For some years back the Journal offered to get to know better people standing behind the EpiNorth project by introducing Specialist Profile Series. So far you had opportunity “to meet” 16 contributors and supporters of the EpiNorth project and Journal, who shared with us not only their professional experiences but also allowed us to get an insight in their private views.
Our collaboration with Eurosurveillance journal has brought to your attention nine secondary publications which we considered to be of high relevance, like tick-borne encephalitis in Europe, surveillance and epidemiology of hepatitis B and C in Europe and many others.
All this work described above wouldn’t be possible without the support we received during these years from our authors, peer-reviewers, colleagues, and readers. We would like to sincerely express gratitude to all of you and wish you all the best in your careers and private achievements!

Editorial team of EpiNorth Journal