From the Editorial Office: Recent activities in EpiNorth

  Published: 17.08.11 Updated: 17.08.2011 14:22:15

The Regional Epidemiologists’ Meeting (REM) was organized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and held on 2-3 June 2011 in Kiev. The REM is an annual contact meeting between the participants of the EpiNorth network including representatives from the Nordic countries, Baltic countries, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and administrative territories of Northwestern Russia.

Forty-three representatives of public health institutes from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine participated in the meeting. Russia was represented by epidemiologists from 10 entities of the Northwestern region, the Pasteur Institute in Saint-Petersburg and the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being (Rospotrebnadzor) in Moscow. In addition, representatives from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the International Organization for Migration (offices in Brussels and Kiev) attended the meeting.

The main topics of the REM included experiences from the first post pandemic influenza season 2010-2011 and evaluation of the pandemic management in the EpiNorth region; measles epidemiology and measures for the eradication of measles in the region; surveillance of migrants’ health and preventive measures among migrants in the region. Public health specialists from countries and regions within the EpiNorth network shared their experiences and gave presentations that were discussed in plenary sessions. ECDC presented the EU tools for epidemic intelligence and their Epidemic Intelligence Information System (EPIS).

The annual EpiNorth Board Meeting followed the REM. Members of the Board met Dr. Bjørn Iversen, the new project manager, and Dr. Hans Blystad, the new associated editor, who chaired the meeting. During the meeting issues addressing new articles and topics were discussed. Members of the Board were updated on the current status of the EpiNorth Journal and website for the previous year. Changes in routines for submission of data to the EpiNorth Data module were presented. In addition, the representatives of the ECDC and Eurosurveillance Journal discussed the co-operation with EpiNorth.