Recent activities in the EpiNorth project

  Published: 12.05.09 Updated: 12.05.2009 13:54:47
Last year some technical changes were implemented in the EpiNorth Journal. This year the Journal continues that path with a new design of the cover page for this first issue of the anniversary volume. We hope that the new cover page with new image each time will make each issue individual and attract new readers. The Editorial Office of the EpiNorth Journal has also updated requirements for submitted manuscripts and published the new version in the EpiNorth Journal section (For Authors).

The website of the EpiNorth project has been updated recently. Now it is possible to subscribe for the latest news published on the website in EpiWatch, EpiNews and EpiScience sections. Readers will get a news e-mail right after publication either in English or Russian. Also it will be easy to be informed about the latest on-line version of the EpiNorth Journal. Announcement on publication will be reported in the EpiNews news e-mail.

The Secretariat of the EpiNorth project has started to gather epidemiological data from all collaborating partner-institutes. A complete table of the epidemiological data for 2008 is expected to be published in the EpiNorth, Vol. 10, No. 2 in the beginning of summer. The data will also appear in the EpiNorthData module on the website.

A new memorandum of understanding for 2009 between the EpiNorth Journal and the Eurosurveillance Journal was signed in March. The content of the memorandum has remained almost the same, except that the EpiNorth will translate to Russian titles of the special issues of the Eurosurveillance and publish them on the website in order to attract attention of the Russian speaking audience to these issues.

The Annual Editorial Group Meeting of the EpiNorth Journal was held 19 February in Stockholm. The editors discussed a wide range of topics: portfolio articles and collection of new articles, collaboration with the Eurosurveillance Journal, funding issues and further promotion of the EpiNorth Journal and Project. The Editorial Board Meeting will be arranged 1 June in Minsk, Belarus and will be followed by the Regional Epidemiologists’ Meeting.