Stein Andersen's letter to the readers

  Published: 15.10.07 Updated: 15.10.2007 14:55:48
S.Andersen, a former project manager of EpiNorth.

Dear Colleagues!

In July my time as a project manager with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health will come to an end. After heading the Nordic project 1998-2003 and the EU project EpiNorth 2004-2006, as well as being the administrative head in our department, I have found that the time is right to reduce my work load.

In August I will start as the chief public dental officer in the Setesdal region.Being closer to my home town Kristiansand than Oslo, Setesdal is a sparsely inhabited mountainous area where it is difficult to recruit young dentists. I will work clinically for three weeks per month in Bykle and Valle, and then have one week off. I plan for the work to gradually reduce to every second week up to my retirement.

In the years 1998-2007 I have come in contact with a large number of colleagues within the field of infectious diseases. The work has been immensely rewarding and given me countless positive experiences and memories. Through you all I have seen great professional ability, hard work and countless acts of kindness. I have learned a lot and am deeply grateful for the time we worked together.

I wish you all the best in your professional and private life!

Stein Andresen