Notification of Communicable Diseases in the Barents- and Baltic Sea Regions 2005

 1 Published: 29.10.06 Updated: 29.10.2006 15:58:27

Data reported to EpiNorth by the collaborating institutes in the Nordic- and Baltic countries and the North-West Russian regions for 2005 are presented in an overview table in this issue of EpiNorth Journal. You can also find the 2005 data in the EpiNorthData section at our home-page, together with data from 1999-2005.

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Reporting criteria to EpiNorth

Data provided to EpiNorth by participating countries may be based on different reporting criteria. This makes it difficult to compare incidence rates. Reporting criteria for each disease and reporting country are registered in the table “Reporting criteria to EpiNorth” which is recently updated and published in the EpiNorthData section.

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