Advanced course in epidemiology of infectious diseases (EpiTrain, Module II)

  Published: 17.11.05 Updated: 17.11.2005 11:39:42
The second of three advanced courses concerning the epidemiology of infectious diseases (EpiTrain) was successfully held in Tallinn, Estonia from September 4th -10th. The EpiTrain courses are organized within the framework of the EpiNorth project, financed by the European Commission and the national institutes for infectious disease control in Northern Europe.

Thirty-three senior epidemiologists and public health officers from ten countries participated. During the week the latest developments addressing the following topics were on the agenda:

- EU's engagement in the surveillance of infectious diseases
- The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
- The communicable disease surveillance system in Estonia
- Surveillance during mass gatherings, surveillance of nosocomial infections, behaviour and antibiotic resistance
- Analysis of surveillance data
- Electronic surveillance systems
- Randomized controlled trials
- The International Health Regulations (IHR)
- Outbreak communication

The presentations are available in the EpiTrain section at our home page (PowerPoint format). Module III is planned for Latvia in September 2006. An extra module may be organised in Oslo next year. Updated information will be published on EpiNorths home page.