Publishing statement

 1 Published: 24.05.05 Updated: 01.10.2009 09:51:21
With the opening of the borders between the former Eastern and Western Europe the need for communication in the field of infectious disease control has increased. Recent epidemics of diphtheria, drug-resistant tuberculosis, HIV infections and other sexually transmitted diseases in Russia and the Baltic Republics have further emphasised this need.

The means and methods of communication in medicine have by tradition differed between Eastern and Western European countries. Language barriers (Russian versus English), different styles of writing, and different sources of information have resulted in a situation where interesting scientific data, as well as surveillance statistics from Eastern Europe have been unavailable to a larger international audience. In a time with broader and deeper collaborations between the countries of Northern Europe, common sources of information are imperative. Hitherto, no existing journal has been solely devoted to the specific problems of infectious disease control and surveillance in Northern Europe.

The scope of EpiNorth

EpiNorth is a new publication aimed at physicians and others with an interest in the surveillance and control of communicable diseases in Northern Europe. EpiNorth is published in English and Russian, and is the common Bulletin of a network of infectious disease control institutes in nine Northern European countries (Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). EpiNorth will function as a "bulletin-board" for information concerning infectious disease control in the Northern European area. It will feature news of recent epidemics in the area, presentations of various communicable disease control actors, yearly surveillance data, reports of public health policies, emerging infections and other topics in communicable diseases. Review articles, case reports and comments covering different aspects of infectious disease control and epidemiology will be published.


In the initiation period (first two years) EpiNorth will be jointly funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, as a part of ongoing collaboration projects on infectious disease control. It is a clear aim that the price should not deter potential readers from obtaining the journal. Therefore, external financing, through commercial advertising, may become a necessary prerequisite for the long-term existence of the journal. Such advertisement should adhere to Nordic ethical guidelines for pharmaceutical advertisement.

Editorial organisation

Participating institutes. EpiNorth is the common bulletin of a network of infectious disease control institutes in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and in Northwest Russia. Presently, twelve institutes in nine countries are participating in the network.


Editor-in-Chief Kuulo Kutsar, Health Protection Inspectorate, 81, Paldiski mnt., 10617 Tallinn, Estonia.
Associate editor Else Smith, State Serum Institute, Artillerivej 5, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.
Associate editor Karl Ekdahl, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, SE-171 82 Solna, Sweden.
Associate editor Preben Aavitsland, National Institute of Public Health, PO Box 4404 Torshov, N-0430 Oslo, Norway.

Editorial Board. Each participating organisation appoints a member to the Editorial Board of EpiNorth. Each member of the Editorial Board will function as the contact point for his/her geographic area, and be responsible for submission of required data and other material to the issues of the bulletin. The members of the Editorial Board will regularly confer on matters concerning the content, publishing and distribution of the bulletin. See list of Editorial Board.

Editorial secretariat. An Editorial secretariat is based at the NIPH, Oslo, Norway. The secretariat is part-time staffed by a Russian- and English-speaking editorial assistant. Matters concerning contributions, subscriptions, printing, distribution, offprints, announcements of meetings and other venues should be addressed to the Editorial secretariat:

Head of Editorial Secretariat Stein Andresen, National Institute of Public Health, PO Box 4404 Torshov, N-0430 Oslo, Norway. Tel +47 22 04 26 28, Fax +47 22 04 25 13
Editorial Assistant Vibeke R. Gundersen, National Institute of Public Health, PO Box 4404 Torshov, N-0430 Oslo, Norway. Tel +47 22 04 22 33, Fax +47 22 04 25 13

Publishing and distribution

In the initiation period EpiNorth will be published with 2-4 issues annually. The bulletin will be printed in Estonia, and distributed in bulks to the participating institutes. Each institute is then responsible for the further distribution within its geographic area, mostly co-ordinated with that of other material or publications from the institute.

Scientific, governmental and non-governmental institutions and organisations, as well as individual health-care professionals, that are not included in the regular distribution net of the participating institutes may subscribe to EpiNorth for a low nominal subscription fee, covering the extra expenses for handling that subscription. Commercial companies may subscribe to the bulletin for a regular subscription fee, established by the Editor.

National Institute of Public Health (Folkehelsa), PO Box 4404 Torshov, N-0403 Oslo, Norway.
Postbanken, N-0021 Oslo, Norway. SWIFT code: PGINNOKK. Account number 082710064614.
Annual subscription fee is 4 USD in Baltic countries and Russian Federation, and 12 USD in other countries.

Copyright issues

EpiNorth considers manuscripts that have not been previously published and are not being simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere. After special agreement, articles that have been published in journals, newsletters or other periodicals of the participating institutes may be re-published in EpiNorth. If a contribution is accepted for publishing in EpiNorth, it may later be freely republished if the original publishing in EpiNorth is fully acknowledged and the Editor is notified. Use of direct quotations, tables, or illustrations from copyrighted material in submissions to EpiNorth must be accompanied by written permission for their use from the copyright owner and original author, along with complete information as to source.

Participating institutes


State Serum Institute, Danmark

Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Sweden

Director General of Health, Iceland

National Public Health Institute, Finland

National Institute of Public Health, Norway

The Health Protection Inspectorate, Estonia

The National Environmental Health Centre, Latvia 

The Centre for Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control, Lithuania 

The Regional State Epidemiology and Sanitary Centre, Arkhangelsk, Russia 

The Regional State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Centre, Murmansk, Russia 

The Municipal State Epidemiologic and Sanitary Control Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Regional State Epidemiology and Sanitary Centre, Leningrad, Russia

The Pasteur Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia 

In the future, institutes from other areas, especially in Northwest Russia (e.g. Karelian Republic, Pskov oblast and Kaliningrad oblast), may wish to join the network and contribute to the bulletin.

Editorial Board


Vadim Zhavoronkov Centre of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, Olminskogo 27, RU-193029, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

Oleg Parkov The Municipal Epidemiogical Surveillance Centre, Malaja Sadovaja str.1, RU-191 011, St. Petersburg Russian Federation.

Roman Buzinov The Regional State Epidemiological Surveillance and Control Centre, Gajdara 24, RU-163061, Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation.

Ludmila Rubis The Regional State Epidemiological Control Centre, Pirogovo 12, RU-185007 Petrozavodsk, Russian Federation.


Jurijs Perevočikovs National Environmental Health Centre, No 7, Klijanu street, LV-1012-Riga, Latvia.


Kuulo Kutsar (Editor in Chief ) Health Protection Inspectorate, Health Protection Inspectorate, Paladski mnt. 81, EE-10617 Tallinn, Estonia.


Dalia Rokaite Ministry of Health, Health Environment Sector, Vilianus str.33, LT-2001 Vilnius, Lithuania.


Haraldur Briem Section for Infectious Disease Control, Directorate of Health, Laugavegur 166, IS-150 Reykjavik, Iceland.


Else Smith (Assosciate Editor) State Serum Institute, Department of Epidemiology, Artillerivej 5, DK-2300 Copenhagen, S, Denmark


Markku Kuusi National Public Health Institute, Mannerheimintie 166, FIN-00300 Helsinki, Finland.


Karl Ekdahl (Associated Editor) Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, SE-171 82-Solna, Sweden.


Preben Aavitsland (Associate Editor) National Institute of Public Health, PO: Box 4404 Torshov, N-0403 Oslo, Norway.