New bulletin-board in northern Europe

  Published: 30.09.05 Updated: 01.10.2009 09:56:23

Kuulo Kutsar, Editor-in-Chief

Dear reader! You are facing a new international bulletin EpiNorth which is intended to become the main communication mean of the Network for Communicable Disease Control in Northern Europe.

A new network is for sharing information and experience on the prevention of communicable diseases, it is building on the contacts between public health and communicable disease research institutes in Northern Europe. The main goal of this network is epidemiologically safety North Europe which gives its input to health-safety Europe as well.

The creative initiative of EpiNorth was started by professor Johan Giesecke from WHO (Geneva) and associate professor Karl Ekdahl from Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control. Now EpiNorth has become into reality to great degree thanks to Nordic Council of Ministers subsidation.

The further success of EpiNorth depends on the dedication of the participating institutes having a national or regional responsibility for collecting, analysing and disseminating epidemiological information on communicable diseases. These institutes should provide and share data and information which is of interest in the neighbouring countries or regions. The active institutional participation will also ensure that the published data are validated in the best possible way. To make the international epidemiological information more accessible to all readers and specialists in the region the bulletin will be published in English and Russian.

The Editorial Board would appreciate any comments, opinions and views on the contents of the bulletin to make it really valuable and effective tool of communication.