Third Annual Meeting of the State/Regional Epidemiologists of the Nordic, Baltic Countries and North-West Russia, Stockholm, November 7-9, 2001

  Published: 17.11.04 Updated: 17.11.2004 14:32:47

Third Annual Meeting of the State/Regional Epidemiologists of the Nordic and Baltic countries and North-West Russia was held on November 7-9, 2001 at the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) in Stockholm. At the meeting participated E. Smith (Denmark), J. Giesecke (Sweden), P. Aavitsland (Norway), P. Leinikki (Finland), H. Briem (Iceland), K. Kutsar (Estonia), J. Perevoscikovs (Latvia), J. Bogdonaite (Lithuania), O. Batmanov (Naryan Mar), R. Buzinov (Arkhangelsk), A. Chernev (Murmansk), I. Malevanny (Leningrad Oblast), J. Korzhaev (St. Petersburg), A. Kovalenko (Karelia), T. Grunicheva (Kaliningrad), S. Ivanov (Moscow, MOH) and invited guests N. Jacobson (Nordic Council of Ministers), L. Blad (SMI), A. Tegnell (SMI), B. Lesko (SMI), S. Andresen (NIPH), and V. R. Gundersen (NIPH).

The main discussion topics were: experience from the recent anthrax-scare, hepatitis A epidemiology and prevention strategy, summing up and closer of the Nordic project “Infection Disease Control in the Barents and Baltic Sea Regions, 1998-2001”, the Nordic project as seen by the Nordic Council of Ministers and future plans for the co-operation.
Recommended fields for the future co-operation included training courses, fellowships, site visits, research projects, outbreak investigation, early warning system, EpiNorth publishing, and foundation of The Baltic School of Public Health.

At the meeting of the EpiNorth Editorial Board was suggested to implement a system of scientific editors. For the next future the main publishing topics should be vaccinology, tuberculosis and respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS and STD, nosocomial infections, gastroenteric infections and antimicrobial resistance. It was pointed out that EpiNorth has currently close co-operation with Eurosurveillance.