The Nordic Project, 1998-2001

 1 Published: 15.11.04 Updated: 25.11.2004 15:58:35
Stein Andresen, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
The project started in 1998 and ended December 31st 2001. The idea to start the project was proposed by the Nordic State Epidemiologists and has been implemented by the Nordic institutes for infectious disease control. The Nordic Council of Ministers was the main source of financial support and granted a total of 8.25 mill Danish crowns over the project period.

The project area included the five Nordic and the three Baltic countries, and the Northwest Russian regions of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Nenets, Kaliningrad, Karelia, Leningrad and the city of St. Petersburg.
A network was established between the institutes for infectious disease control in all of the participating countries and regions. Contact was maintained through annual meetings of the State and Regional Epidemiologists. The bulletin EpiNorth, that targets specialists and others with an interest in infectious disease control in Northern Europe, is a result of the project. Eighteen short courses in which 642 persons participated, and three advanced courses with 89 participants were organised.
The existing good relations between the Nordic institutes for infectious disease control have been strengthened through this collaborative project. Contacts have been developed with the Baltic and Northwest Russian institutes. This network is maintained through annual meetings of the State/Regional Epidemiologists and other common activities. The bulletin EpiNorth with its homepage facilitates contact between those interested in infectious disease control, and conveys information on relevant topics. Knowledge has been transferred through courses, meetings and fellowships. The entire project-area has been involved in the activities of the project.
The Project Manager Stein Andresen is grateful to the members of the Project Group and the Executive Officers for their enthusiasm and effort in running this project. The State and Regional Epidemiologists have done their utmost to facilitate the activities of the project. It has been easy to recruit lecturers to our courses and their expertise and commitment have been impressive.
The project will continue in a reduced format during 2002 with emphasis on Northwest Russia, and will be more closely interwoven with other multi- and bilateral projects.

The complete project report
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