First Meeting of Chief Epidemiologists of the Baltic Sea Region, Stockholm, February 18-19, 2002

 1 Published: 20.08.04 Updated: 20.08.2004 09:10:37
Lars Blad, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control
On February 18-19, 2002 the first meeting of the Chief Epidemiologists of the Baltic Sea Region took place in Stockholm as a part of the project “Building a Network for Infections Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region”. The project is initiated by the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Task Force on Communicable Diseases in the Baltic Sea Region.

Participants included Else Smith (Denmark), Kuulo Kutsar (Estonia), Pauli Leinikki (Finland), Michael Kramer (Germany), Haraldur Briem (Iceland), Jurijs Perevosčikovs (Latvia), Vytautas Bakasenas (Lithuania), Hans Blystad (Norway), Ludmila Lialina (St. Petersburg, Pasteur Institute, Russia), Johan Giesecke (Sweden) and Lars Blad (Project Coordinator, SMI, Sweden), Ivonne Camaroni (WHO Project Coordinator, SMI, Sweden), Anders Tegnell (TF Programme Group Member, SMI, Sweden).

Discussions were held on information exchange, the best use of the new network, information quality, surveillance systems, the need for lowering thresholds/informal contacts, data analysis, and outbreak reports/early warning systems.
Ivonne Camaroni briefed the meeting on “Assessing Public Health Emergencies of International Concern under the new International Health Regulations”.
Kuulo Kutsar presented a short overview on the present HIV/AIDS situation in Estonia.

Decisions taken by the meeting:

1. A system of short information exchange will be established. Monthly messages will be distributed to all members of the group. Lars Blad (Project Coordinator, SMI) will be responsible for the message-collecting centre.
2. Pauli Leinikki will prepare a short report on the problem of sequencing/molecular biology.
3. A working group was established to formulate a description of national surveillance systems and to assess the quality of the systems (Lars Blad, Michael Kramer).
4. A working group was formed to prepare a report on “The present status on infections diseases in the Baltic Sea Region”(L. Blad, H. Blystad, J. Gisecke, V. Bakasenas).

The next meeting is planned for Aug 29-30, 2002 and will be held in Stockholm.