EpiNorth 2004-2006

  Published: 12.05.04 Updated: 12.05.2004 09:24:40

Stein Andresen

A new project building on ongoing activities has received funding from the European Commission's Public Health Programme for 2004-2006.

The full title of the new project is EpiNorth 2004-2006 - a framework for communicable disease surveillance, communication and training in Northern Europe.

Sixty percent of the total budget of 590 000 EURO will come from the European Commission. Other contributors include the participating institutes and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The overall aim of the new EpiNorth project is to improve communicable disease control and communication in and between Northern Europe and Russia in order to reduce the spread of such diseases and thus safeguard public health in the community. The key objectives of the project include:

  • EpiNorth. Publish a peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to communicable disease epidemiology and control.
  • EpiData. Publish an annual report of communicable diseases for Northern Europe.
  • EpiVax. Maintain a guide to the vaccination programmes in Northern Europe.
  • EpiNews. Develop a dynamic news service on the web with reports of outbreaks and trends of communicable diseases in Northern Europe.
  • EpiTrain. Conduct a training programme in communicable disease epidemiology.
  • EpiLinks. Maintain a library of web links to communicable disease epidemiology sites in Europe and Russia.

Our goal is to strengthen solidarity and cohesion within the community by bringing together all the Nordic EU and EEA member-states and the three Baltic applicant countries. In addition, effort will be made to reduce the incidence gradient of several communicable diseases of major public health importance by transferring information, knowledge and experiences.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo will manage the project. The principal project partners are: the State Serum Institute in Denmark, the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, the National Public Health Institute in Finland, the Health Protection Inspectorate in Estonia, the State Agency, Public Health Agency in Latvia, the Directorate of Health in Iceland and the Health Centre for Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control in Lithuania.

We will continue to work for good relations, an open exchange of information and joint safeguarding of public health on the border between the community and Russia by including Russian regional surveillance institutes in the EpiNorth project.