Meeting of EpiNorth Editorial Board 2003

  Published: 29.04.04 Updated: 16.12.2009 09:20:25
The EpiNorth Editorial Board (EB) met in Tallinn on March 14th to discuss the future of the bulletin.

Present: Kuulo Kutsar (Estonia), Jurijs Perevoscikovs (Latvia), Dalia Rokaite (Lithuania), Pauli Leinikki (Finland), Hans Blystad (Sweden), Gudrun Sigmundsdottir (Iceland), Preben Aavitsland (Norway), Oleg Parkov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Vadim Zhavoronkov (Leningrad, Russia), Andrei Tulisov (Arkhangelsk, Russia), Stein Andresen (Secretariat), Vibeke R. Gundersen (Secretariat).

The EB-members agreed that EpiNorth should continue to publish 3-4 issues annually, and that one of the issues could be a theme-number with the main emphasis on one disease or one group of diseases. The bulletin should in general remain "action-oriented", with focus on outbreaks and recent events in the target area, and aim at being the main source for incidence-data from the national/regional reporting systems. The database on vaccination was demonstrated and discussed ( The possibility of including a news-section on the home-page will be investigated.

EpiNorth should continue the good co-operation with Eurosurveillance. The editors and members of the editorial board remain unchanged. The Nordic Council of Ministers will continue to finance the bulletin in 2003.