Combatting infectious diseases in the Barents Sea Region IV - Karelia 2003

  Published: 29.04.04 Updated: 11.05.2004 11:59:52
This is the fourth in a line of international conferences concerning health in Northwest Russia, following the conferences held in Tromsø (1998), Sigtuna (2000) and Arkhangelsk (2001). A joint Russian-Norwegian organizing committee has been formed, and the date for the next conference is September 18-19.

Venue: Petrozavodsk State University, Karelia

Topics will include:

  • Vaccine-preventable diseases
  • HIV and STI
  • Tuberculosis
  • Antibiotic resistance

The conference languages will be English and Russian.

The deadline for applications and submission of abstracts will be in the beginning of June. Anyone who would like to participate should send an e-mail to as soon as possible in order to be put on the mailing-list and receive further information. Further information may also be obtained from the conference co-ordinator Vladimir Massiouk, Tel: +7 8142 76 24 30, Fax: +7 8142 76 35 93 or e-mail:

More information and application form available at:

Funding will be provided by the Barents Health Programme, the Vyshnevskaya-Rostropovich Foundation and the Nordic Council of Ministers.