"Eradication and elimination of infectious diseases - progress and problems", St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute

  Published: 29.04.04 Updated: 11.05.2004 11:00:39
The organising committee invites all readers of EpiNorth to participate in an international congress entitled "Eradication and elimination of infectious diseases - progress and problems" to be held in St. Petersburg on September 3rd-5th , 2003. The congress is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Saint Petersburg Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, and is at the same time part of the celebration of the 300 year anniversary of St. Petersburg.

The following topics will be discussed during plenary and sectional sessions:

  • The eradication of infections world-wide
  • How to counteract biological terrorism
  • Epidemiology and epidemiological surveillance of infectious diseases
  • Mechanisms of immunity
  • New immunobiological methods for diagnostics and prevention of infections
  • Epidemiology, diagnostics, and prevention of infections
  • Effectiveness and quality of anti-epidemic activities

The festive programme includes:

  • The international congress
  • An exposition entitled "Pasteur and Russian science"
  • The XXXII meeting of the board of directors of the "International Association of Pasteur Institutes and Associated Institutes"

For more information, please contact the St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute, Mira street 14, St. Petersburg, 197101 Russia. e-mail: or